My Family Circle has partnered with NetChurches to provide the ultimate way to support online minstries across the globe! This partnership allows these churches, ministries, and outreach efforts to minister to a larger group of individuals than they normally could, without any of the major costs associated with this kind of undertaking.

It literally doesn't cost the church a thing!

Not only do you get to show your support for your church, you can also have your own professionally designed family website, totally under your control! All for just $25 per month!

This is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, whether they're around the corner, or in another country! Share pictures, home movies, even keep them up to date with a blog that automatically notifies them when you write a new entry!

We're currently in the "beta" faze of development. You can sign up here, show you support your church's outreach, and we'll contact you to start your new family website!

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